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Tomi Laurila
Director, Eatbest Oy

I am a professional chef and an entrepreneur on the restaurant field from Sipoo, Finland. I started my career already in 1983. At my work I have seen different sides of the plate as have worked as a chef, a cook and as a chain operations instructor. Also I have been running a restaurant and have been training others on the field. I have acquired my own education in the restaurant institute "Perho" and in "Haaga-Helia" University.

Travelling and especially gourmet tourism has always been clode to my heart. I have explored France inside out. I have been writing books of culinary arts about Helsinki and Paris. The culinary tours in the cities were launched the year 2009.

Our goal has been to expedite experinmental gourmet culture in

  • Guiding the international guests to the secrets of the Finnish and the international culinary culture.
  • Inspiriting and supervising people for cooking together.
  • Offering ready-made dining experiences at home or in a specifically chosen location.
  • Increasing the amount of the knowledge and know-how of the eatables, dining, culinary art and the restaurant field itself.

My company, Eatbest Ltd, is co-operating only with the leading professionals of the field of wining and dining.

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